Roots Craft Beer

Food & Beverage

This design was different; I wanted to utilise the ability to apply textures to any vector design. Beer is something that I’ve never truly tried until lockdown hit, so to create my own beer brand seemed like an awesome challenge.

‘Roots Craft Beer’ is built around the historic brewing process in the United Kingdom. It’s a traditional locally-sourced beer brand aiming to make an alternative leap in to the food & beverage market.

The design process was simple; ‘Roots’ targeted the high-end market, and wanted to communicate their core values through a simple vector. This is where the rough texture was born. Whilst creating the brands identity, I knew that it really had to paint its self in the colours of the brands values; traditional, historical, honest.

The values were the first steps to consider, as I also wanted to communicate the high-end nature of the brand, beginning with the keywords. Collecting them together, I was able to brainstorm their meanings, their synonyms and their own personal identities. Word-Mapping followed on, which eventually led me to the sketching process.




The keyword phase is important to break down the identity and categorise it. What does the name mean to you? Which words connote the visual design? What emotion does the identity encite in you?

Covering this allows me to further communicate the identity, and communicate it well.




keyword importance?

In the planning phase, this is the single most important part, and one that is greatly-overlooked. It helps build concepts, understand the brand and relate to the client.












Mockup Design.


‘Roots’ was created to communicate one thing; its intention was to communicate the history of craft beer in Britain.

This type of font was chosen for the brand identity because it connoted the historic style of typography, and the texture on the type was included for the same reason. The type is aging, and getting rougher, but the traditional process is still there.

With the ‘T;, it’s designed to look like a tree with it’s roots. This was created to communicate the brands core values of being a traditional historic brewery, but for a modern time.

The rich red and peach colour scheme helped sell the traditional look of the brand. It worked really well with the beverage packaging, as well as the information booklet. Craft beer is an open market right now, and the ‘Roots’ brand wants to break in.

Black & White Designs.