Open Tea

Food & Beverage

This project focused around simplicity, which was part of the brands core values. The design had to communicate an organic and healthy message in its most simple form, which in such an overly saturated market was quite a leap to accomplish.

‘Open Tea’ is built around fairtrade. Their intentions are to share more of their earnings with the sourcers of their product. With each pack of organic Open Tea, they give 10% extra back to the farmers, which keeps their relations high and loyalty exclusive to them. Their name comes from their core value; “openness to all parties involved.”

The design process was simple; ‘Open’ targeted the mid-to-high-end market, and wanted to communicate their core values through simplicity, boldness and typography. This is where the name, style and their trademarked ‘O’ was born. the line below symbolised the same path that we all walk on, which communicates the core value of “treating people equally”. Whilst creating the brands identity, I knew that it really had to paint its self in the colours of the brands values; honest, bold and modern.

The values were the first steps to consider, as I also wanted to communicate the high-end nature of the brand, beginning with the keywords. Collecting them together, I was able to brainstorm their meanings, their synonyms and their own personal identities. Word-Mapping followed on, which eventually led me to the sketching process.




The keyword phase is important to break down the identity and categorise it. What does the name mean to you? Which words connote the visual design? What emotion does the identity encite in you?

Covering this allows me to further communicate the identity, and communicate it well.




keyword importance?

In the planning phase, this is the single most important part, and one that is greatly-overlooked. It helps build concepts, understand the brand and relate to the client.












Mockup Design.


‘Open’ was crafted in such a way that its trademark would be remembered. With each medium, each decision, and each movement, the brand values and messages will resonate through the public opinion of the brand.

The ‘All Round Gothic’ font was chosen for the brand identity because it bounced back to the brands simple nature. The trademark was purposely created to connote the same straight path that we all stand on; nobody is any higher or lower than their fellow people. It’s an equal community, and relates to their core values.

The peachy colour was decided on for one specific reason; to shed light on the trademarks key feature. The straight line holds a clear message for the brand. The core values that the brand communicates through is important to keep up.

Black & White Designs.