Maggi Bags

Food & Beverage

This is a personally-created re-brand. Maggi is a popular brand in the United Kingdom, targeting a common audience (like me). It prides itself on affordability and simplicity, but what if this was the opposite of its core values?

I decided to re-identify the popular brand. Instead of being on the low-end, why not target the high-end, exclusive type of person? That is exactly what I did.

Once again taking advantage of the keywords now associated with the new exclusive re-brand, I began with thinning and sharpening the font type, which communicated the professionally bold nature of the brand.

I continued to use the unique colour style that Maggi is well-known for, but decided to cut away the obnoxious ‘speech bubble’ shape targeted around the type.  Overall, this project was a simple success.







keyword importance?

In the planning phase, this is the single most important part, and one that is greatly-overlooked. It helps build concepts, understand the brand and relate to the client.







Product Packaging.


I decided to re-brand the ‘Maggi Bags’ logo due to its low-end, affordable design. Aesthetically there is no issue with their current identity, but I wanted to imagine a world where their target audience was raised, targeting a more high-end, exclusive type of character who enjoys the finer things in life on a consistent basis.

The style was inspired by the high-end brand ‘Gucci’ with the sharp type and bold style. This design is only for personal use, as well as to act as a canvas for me to practice and use my design tools.

If this style of design tickles your boots, then definitely feel free to get in touch.

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