Java Coffee.

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I’m an avid coffee lover. There’s nothing I love more than a really god cup of java in the morning. This is exactly where this brand started, and I’ve helped develop, design and guide its identity.

‘Java’ as a word is the synonym for coffee – similar to a ‘good cup of joe’ – and it also helps communicate the brands core purpose, to bring great tasting coffee to customers as simply as possible. With 2 syllables, and an easy word to spell, ‘Java’ commemorates this core purpose superbly.

The type style was strongly influenced by the opulent culture of Arabia. The coffee that Java uses in its exclusive products are 100% Arabica-based, as well as being completely organic and eco-friendly sourced. The sharp flicks and round corners of the Arabic language opened up a wide amount of connotations towards our brand as a whole; its bold, courageous and rich.

Javas unique colour scheme goes back to the prosperous lands of Arabia, where the warm sand and blistering heat occupy. The colour also connotes back to the great tasting coffee that Java produce.







keyword importance?

In the planning phase, this is the single most important part, and one that is greatly-overlooked. It helps build concepts, understand the brand and relate to the client.












Colour Scheme.

We developed the Java logo style around the cultural typography design of the Arabic language. With the sharp flicks and smooth corners, the type style fits very well with our messaging, values and purpose. The Java design also represents the coffees origins and history, being 100% Arabica.

Our brand purpose was simple; to bring the best tasting coffee (which is by far Arabica) to our customers as simply and eco-friendly as possible. Our style commemorates that, and communicates our core values of being honest, delivering quality flavours, and developing a safe and friendly community around our brand.


The style of Java purposely commemorates the rich flavour and history of Arabica coffee, and connotes the beautiful style of the Arabic language and culture.

The colour scheme of Java was chosen to communicate the warm sands of the Arabian lands, as well as the exclusivity of the brands products and richness of the products flavour.

If this style of design tickles your boots, then definitely feel free to get in touch.

Design Variations.