Buffalo Books

Bookkeeping and Accountancy

Being my first Branding project, I decided to create a set of essentials including a fresh logo (as the original was out-dated for the brands current movements), a social media re-brand, a business card and a letterhead design.

Through talking with the client about their original logo, we were able to pick out a few flaws and come up with some ideas for the revamp.

They were hungry for an unconventional look – something that envelops a sense of happiness, open-ness and honesty – to seperate them from the countless other Bookkeepers and Accountants.

The research phase is something that I have always considered to be a crucial first step for any project, especially a revamp of an entire business.

This project has taught me so much about the concept of design, and what an effective brand needs to stand out.







keyword importance?

In the planning phase, this is the single most important part, and one that is greatly-overlooked. It helps build concepts, understand the brand and relate to the client.











The fonts that are associated with the Buffalo brand are not typically available, so I decided to connect a ‘mini-specification’ below. The Spec goes through the fonts, the colour scheme, the font and how it all should be used.

The decision to use these fonts for the Buffalo brand was pretty simple; we wanted something that encited the keywords above. Our choice of fonts were Lazy Dog, Irene Florentina and Century Gothic.

These fonts follow the keyword process, and – when matched with our colour scheme – appropriately place the brand in the right place.

Our colour scheme was simple, too; a mix of dark blue and white, with splashes of very light blue to add some more personality. These colours have worked remarkably well in dividing the Buffalo brand from its competitors.

With the Buffalo logo, I originally decided on the face of a buffalo, with colour shooting around. This idea was not appropriate, so instead we focused on the entire being of the buffalo, and bringing that out:

With this design, we decided to shift our focus once more and revert back to the head, as we were looking for a memorable sign-logo. Quite quickly, I put together a simple buffalo design – this encited more of the keywords than the past designs – and my client was officially hooked. The rest is history:

The branding

In summary, we went through designs for the brands social media, email referral system, business card/marketing, infographic and logo. We are currently working on a Brochure and Desk Calender design, so I’ll update this when that it complete.

Black & White Designs.