Bridges Digital

Brand Strategy & Website Development

Bridges Digital was built around its core value: be a solution for the local businesses.

The brand was already created beforehand, but they were looking to re-identify themselves as they continued to grow with the locals. Their current customers saw them as professional, bold and digitally intelligent; we decided to use this to our advantage when re-building the identity.

The brand values honesty above all, so we decided on keeping the blue shade, but we changed the font design. Using the keywords, we wanted to communicate the digital nature of the services that Bridges Digital offers. We wanted it to communicate ‘strategy’, ‘boldness’ and ‘simplicity’, so decided on the ‘Mont’ font.

With the trademark design above, it was created by uniting the ‘B’ and ‘D’ of Bridges Digital together, which also visualised an electrical plug. The cut within the ‘digital’ type aimed to connote a lag in the design, which is a term related to technology which, again, communicates the brand identity.




Overall this project was a success. We had also re-identified the social media page of Bridges Digital with their own personalised posts. These designs help communicate the new identity of the brand.




keyword importance?

In the planning phase, this is the single most important part, and one that is greatly-overlooked. It helps build concepts, understand the brand and relate to the client.









Social Media Design.


The font choice for the ‘Bridges Digital’ brand was meant to indicate simplicity, boldness and trust. If we had chosen something less serious and more serif, it would not have communicated the same purpose.

With the ‘Digital’ part of the name, we decided on the cut between the font. This connotes the technological side of the brand, as it is focused on brand strategy and web development, so the cut indicates a ‘lag’ (which is a term used in the industry).

The trademark for the identity was purposefully made to be simple and adjustable. It was created by merging the ‘B’ and ‘D’ from the brand name together. The trademark also resembles a plug, which again connotes the technological side of the brand, bringing a spark of electricity to your business.

Black & White Designs.